Zindua School is building Africa’s future technology innovators.

At Zindua School, we upskill young Africans into in-demand careers in technology i.e. Data Science and Software Engineering. We believe that income should not be a barrier for one to start a career in tech, therefore, learners can pay a percentage of fees once they are earning.

We offer 25-week part-time programs or 4-month full-time programs in Software Engineering and Data Science. Our curriculum is designed from an analysis of in-demand skills across select tech pathways and is based on certification exams by AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Beyond our learn-now-pay-later financing, what sets us apart is our personalised learning where students are assigned a technical mentor who is responsible for their tech growth across different modules of their program progress.

Open Positions

<aside> <img src="/icons/megaphone_red.svg" alt="/icons/megaphone_red.svg" width="40px" /> We are looking for highly motivated professionals who are aligned to our mission and vision of building Africa’s future innovators. We treasure inventiveness (innovation), ownership (autonomy), insane desire for excellence (obsessed with being the best at what you do), and adaptability (we are growing fast and you should grow with us too). Degrees/certificates matter LESS to us, we are more concerned about what you can do, what you have done in the past, and what role Zindua can play in your career growth.


Job Positions

Can’t see a position for you? Pitch your role!

Pitch your position, we will analyse your profile and the pitched position and how this can ZINDUA our next level of growth. Apply here today and let us have a chat soon!

Is your target role closed? Apply, you could still be a fit.

Yes, apply for that closed role. If we love your profile, we’ll schedule a chat. The only difference is we might not hire you immediately but we’ll bookmark your profile for future recruitment. At times, we’ll take a bet on you immediately as we are always looking for A-players.

We do NOT do internships, at least not now.

We are a small team and most members are fully engaged, therefore, we can’t offer you the needed hands-on approach for your professional growth. However, if you are already good enough for any of our target positions, apply. You’ll be surprised how many times we take a bet young budding talent but with a high professional ceiling. Do not undersell yourself, apply.

Life at Zindua

Employee Benefits